Environmental and Sustainability Manager

Posted over 2 years ago
Location Somerset
Contract Type Permanent
Salary Up to £35,000 per annum + benefits
Sector Construction / Civil Engineering, EIA
Posted over 2 years ago
Apply by Friday, 17 April 2015
The role of Environmental & Sustainability Manager (Central Region) is within our Health, Safety and Sustainability (HS&S) Department that provides assurance to our construction Divisions that all internal and external compliance standards are being adopted. The HS&S team comprises a significant number of staff that support our construction Divisions meet legislative requirements and also supports Divisions in implementing environmental and sustainability best practices so as to realise commercial as well as environmental benefits. GallifordTry has a team of three existing Environmental & Sustainability Managers as well as Group Environmental and Sustainability Managers, although the role of Environmental & Sustainability Manager (Central Region) will report directly into the Group Environmental Manager. The Environmental & Sustainability Manager (Central Region) will be expected to develop close yet independent working relationships with all operational construction teams within the scope of the role as well as to support and guide a regional team of Health, Safety and Sustainability Advisors. Additionally, the Environmental & Sustainability Manager (Central Region) will also be expected to represent GallifordTry at a number of relevant industry forums to enable the identification and dissemination of forthcoming legal requirements and best practice initiatives. The key job responsibilities include but may not be limited to any or all of the following: Manage, coach and support Health, Safety and Sustainability (HS&S) Advisors Support the Group Environmental Manager in the continual improvement of the Group environmental management system Ensure that new / pending legislation is identified and appropriate systems are amended to assure compliance Advise Divisions and Business Units on environmental legislation and industry best practice Audit Business Units for compliance against legal requirements and requirements of Group Environmental Standards Advise Business Units on the practical implementation of Group Environmental Standards and industry best practices Provide support to the HS&S Department and Business Unit leaders in gaining or maintaining certification to ISO 14001 Assist Business Units to identify, plan and implement their environmental objectives Provide detailed support / guidance in the planning stages of a new project Review for adequacy all environmental risk assessments / aspects & impacts assessments, as requested Review Project Environmental Plans for adequacy, as requested Review method statements containing an environmental component for adequacy, where relevant Auditing and education of supply chain as appropriate Dissemination environmental information across the Company i.e., ensuring Business Unit’s understand and implement Group environmental requirements and developing and implementing environmental alerts / bulletins / regulatory updates Provide guidance and support for the development of environmental emergency response plans Oversee Business Unit investigation and reporting of environmental incidents, up to and including managing prosecution data collection requests etc. Liaise with regulatory bodies in the management of environmental incidents Support the Group Environmental Manager in the collation, completion and analysis of environmental performance reports Provide environmental training / support to staff on environmental and sustainability issues Provide technical environmental support to HS&S Advisors in the implementation of Group Environmental Standards and industry best environmental practices Attend relevant environmental industry / regulatory associations / forums Promote GallifordTry as a business which effectively manages environmental issues through representation at influencing bodies, dialogue with legislative authorities, industry benchmarking. Finally, the position comes with the authority to stop site based operations where there is an immediate or significant environmental pollution / nuisance risk. Hence, the successful applicant must possess the necessary analytical skills, knowledge and confidence to stop any site based activity prior to a significant incident occurring as well as then being able to provide a sound justifiable rationale to senior management as to the course of action taken.