Highlights of the 2015 IEMA practitioners' survey

13 Aug 09:00 by


This year’s IEMA members’ survey revealed good news on pay, training and job satisfaction. Around 75% of respondents saw their earnings increase in 2014, compared with 58.9% in 2013. Median salaries now stand at £38,000 a year, with the mean or average figure higher at £41,939. Members working in business or industry earn more (£41,000 a year) than their public sector counterparts (£34,000).

The going rate for Graduate members starting out in the profession is around £24,000 a year, those who have reached top leadership positions as IEMA Fellows can command a median salary of £82,500. The vast majority of survey respondents have higher academic qualifications, with 46.6% possessing a Master’s degree; just 3% report no formal qualifications.

They survey also found that the gap between men and women’s annual salaries narrowing to 12.5%, down from 15.1% last year. Female practitioners aged 25 to 29 now earn 6.9% more than male colleagues of the same age, according to the data. Members continue to benefit from training and development, with an increased use of webinars. Job satisfaction is up, with over 70% of respondents reporting that they are satisfied or very satisfied in their current role, compared with 65.1% in 2014.

The 2015 IEMA survey is based on responses from 1,238 members. These environment and sustainability managers, officers, consultants and researchers provided pay and working conditions data based on their earnings and working experience during the 2014 calendar year.