Mind the gender gap

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With women a minority in the environment profession, Samantha Lyster talks to leading IEMA figures on increasing their number.   Clothes retailer Gap recently attracted criticism for children’s T-shirts that suggested boys aspire to be science geniuses like Albert Einstein, while girls want to be social butterflies.   Statistically, the criticism raises an important point. Accordin...


My Career- David Robinson, Assurance Services Manager at Lucideon CICS

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Why did you become an environment/sustainability professional? The turning point for me was when I was at Auto-Smart. I led the company’s implementation of BS 7750 (the forerunner of ISO 14001). It was one of the first organisations to be certified.   What was your first environment/sustainability job? Although it was not called environmental monitoring then, it was during my tim...


Supporting future leaders- Tim Balcon

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Millions of students around the world will be starting or returning to their studies this month. Many who finished university in the summer will be entering the world of work at the same time. It is simultaneously a daunting and exciting time, with every one of their future accomplishments and challenges laying on the road ahead. I’ve been wondering what that journey will look like. In what ki...


Tweet your way to the top

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With Twitter increasingly being adopted by professional organisations, it could be an opportunity for practitioners to use it as a career tool, says Samantha Lyster When a celebrity spat breaks out on Twitter, it gives the impression the social media platform is little more than a virtual playground where childish insults are hurled. Reality TV star Kim Kardashian is certainly prolific with...


My career: Graeme Heyes

11 months ago by Alan Jarque

Why did you become an environment/sustainability professional? I studied environmental science at undergraduate level; however, like many graduates I fell into an unrelated career (pensions management). After building a career in this area, I decided to return to a field in which I held a true passion and in which I through I would be able to make a difference. What was your first enviro...


IEMA salary survey 2016

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More than 40% of 1,047 members responding to the 2016 survey revealed that they are very or highly satisfied in their work, while a further 39% reported being at least moderately satisfied. Just 6% say they derive little satisfaction.  Respondents with more than five years’ experience said they would recommend the profession to others. More than one-third (35%) said that they would advise o...


Career profile: Allie Wnuk

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Why did you become an environment/sustainability professional? I have always loved the natural world. As a three year old I set up a ‘bug hospital’, made from a shoe box and tissues cut into small squares, where I would rescue injured insects from my father’s lawn mowing endeavours. I would tuck in millipedes, silverfish and cockroaches, fancying myself a great protector of the weak.  I ...


Career profile: Katie Anderton

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Principal consultant, Temple Group Why did you become an environment/sustainability professional? My parents always imagined me chained to a tree somewhere, protecting the environment. I like to think the job I do allow people to build much needed homes and infrastructure, but with the least environmental impacts. What was your first environment/sustainability job? One of the first e...


Highlights of the 2015 IEMA practitioners' survey

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This year’s IEMA members’ survey revealed good news on pay, training and job satisfaction. Around 75% of respondents saw their earnings increase in 2014, compared with 58.9% in 2013. Median salaries now stand at £38,000 a year, with the mean or average figure higher at £41,939. Members working in business or industry earn more (£41,000 a year) than their public sector counterparts (£34,000). ...


Career profile: Sandra Norval

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Sandra Norval, environment manager at Southern Railway, describes her career shift from accountancy to sustainability Why did you become an environment professional?  I’m passionate about wildlife and I have worked as a volunteer on conservation projects. Moving into the sustainability profession was the best way I could see do something about the way we are impacting on the natural enviro...